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Why We Don't Give Legal Advice Over the Phone

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

When you call a hospital or pharmacy, they will not share medical advice over the phone. This policy protects you and them.

It works the same way in the legal field.

Many people have the prenotion that when they call and ask about their DUI, parental custody situation, felony or misdemeanor issue, etc, they can get advice on their situation at that exact moment over the phone. They often think that an attorney can give them a quick and easy answer to their problem.

What most don’t consider is that cases are often very complex. There could be more to their case. There could be other questions that need to be answered. More than likely, the case will need a little more research to get a definitive legal opinion.

Since there is no easy answer for those “quick questions” one may have, our office can schedule a potential client for a consultation over the phone or in-person by an appointment with the attorney they choose. It is at this consultation that someone's questions can then be given full consideration and then counsel can be given.

Our Bartlesville office can typically get a consultation scheduled within 1-2 days.


Meason & Ramsey Law provides a professional experience for all our clients, helping them navigate their legal rights. Our focus is criminal law (felony and misdemeanors). We specialize in Criminal Law, Divorce and Family Law, Probate Law. We are currently accepting cases in Washington, Nowata and Osage counties. Meason & Ramsey Law has family lawyers, divorce lawyers, probate lawyers, criminal defense lawyers, DUI & DWI lawyers, co-counsel lawyers, family attorneys, divorce attorneys, probate attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, DUI & DWI attorneys and co-counsel attorneys. Marty Meason and Rodney D. Ramsey, Attorneys

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