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Rodney D. Ramsey Bartlesville's Attorney At Law

Fighting for justice for the people in and around the Bartlesville, OK area is what Rodney D. Ramsey does. For more than 25 years, defense attorney Rodney D. Ramsey has been defending and helping the people in this area with their legal issues. He is very committed to justice and looks forward to helping you have the justice you deserve.

When you find yourself in need of a defense attorney, let Rodney be your first choice. He has helped hundreds of people find the justice that they deserve. No matter what you have been accused of, he is going to fight for you with knowledge and skill. He knows the law and how it works and he knows how to help people overcome their legal issues.

Family law is also one of the legalities that he can help you with. If you need a divorce attorney, he can help you. Perhaps if you are trying to adopt, he can also help you with all of your adoption needs. Guardianship and paternity cases are also a part of his practice. He is going to work hard to make sure that everything is in order and you have the best outcome possible. It's important for families to be able to come through a divorce in the most dignified way and Rodney can help you and your family to be able to overcome the negatives of family issues.

You may have criminal charges in your background that you need legal help with getting them expunged. He will work hard to help have those charges removed from your records so that they don't follow you around for the rest of your life. Criminal charges can make it hard to get a good job, to get financing and so much more. Knowing you have someone in your corner that is going to fight for you can be one of the most comforting things when it comes to legal issues.

Civil matters can be very difficult and having an experienced attorney that is able to help you with your civil lawsuit can mean the difference between winning and losing. You want an attorney that knows the law and knows how to make the law work in your favor. You want someone that can help you win and get you justice.

When you are in need of an attorney for DUI, divorce, civil matters, family matters and so much more, you can trust that Rodney D. Ramsey is going to be the attorney for you.


Meason & Ramsey Law provides a professional experience for all our clients, helping them navigate their legal rights. Our focus is criminal law (felony and misdemeanors). We specialize in Criminal Law, Divorce and Family Law, Probate Law. We are currently accepting cases in Washington, Nowata and Osage counties. Meason & Ramsey Law has family lawyers, divorce lawyers, probate lawyers, criminal defense lawyers, DUI & DWI lawyers, co-counsel lawyers, family attorneys, divorce attorneys, probate attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, DUI & DWI attorneys and co-counsel attorneys. Marty Meason and Rodney D. Ramsey, Attorneys

Meason & Ramsey Law

515 Delaware Ave

Bartlesville, OK 74003


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