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Celebrating Valentine's Day by Searching Divorce Lawyers?

A couple looks away from each other.
Meason & Morris Law discusses options before divorce.

We recognize that not every Valentine's Day includes flowers, chocolates and love notes. Life takes unexpected turns, and sometimes relationships do too. If you're facing challenges in your marriage and considering legal options, navigating these decisions can be overwhelming.

Remember, you're not alone. Many couples encounter difficult times, and exploring legal options doesn't necessarily mean divorce. You do have options to leverage while you are working out your marriage complications. If you need a divorce attorney to discuss family matters with, we are here for you.

At Meason & Morris Law in Bartlesville, OK, we understand the complexity of relationship issues. We offer compassionate and knowledgeable legal guidance to help you understand your options. You need to make informed decisions about your future. For parents, the thouht of "what will happen with the children?" often make the situation more stressful.

This Valentine's Day, instead of focusing on societal expectations, prioritize your well-being and explore solutions that empower you. This may include facing legal issues that can no longer be ignored. You need someone that understands Oklahoma Law and how it affects your family. Meason & Morris Law in Bartlesville, OK, has 50 years of combined legal experience that you can look for guidance.

Understanding Your Options: More Than Just Divorce

When facing relationship challenges, seeking legal advice doesn't automatically mean ending your marriage. It may not be time to throw in the towel just yet. There are various legal options available depending on your specific situation and goals. Let's explore some:

  • Marriage counseling: Therapy can help couples identify and address issues. Couples can potentially rebuild their relationship, and work towards a stronger bond. Therapy is quite common these days and there are many good options for couples. Teletherapy gives you the option to be in session with or without your partner present.

A few facts about marriage counseling:

  1. 70% of couples who complete therapy with a highly trained couples therapist report an increase in their emotional well-being. (AAMFT) No matter how your situation ends, you have the hope of coming though this with more mental clarity and confidence.

  2. Three-fourths of couples who undergo couples counseling see an improvement in their relationship. ( This is good news for those copules wanting to try and work out their marriage vs. ending it in divorce.

  3. 90% of participants see an improvement in their physical or mental health. (AAMFT) Having a trained therapist to speak with often brings a great sense of confidence and strength.

  4. Studies show that couples therapy typically has the desired impact despite couple problems being known to be difficult to change. (Journal of Marital and Family Therapy)

  5. 65.6% of participants in therapy report significant improvement in their relationship within 20 sessions. (Well Marriage Center)

Remember, these are just statistics and individual experiences may vary. The main takeaway is that marriage counseling can be a positive and effective tool for couples facing challenges.

  • Mediation: A neutral third party facilitates communication and helps couples reach mutually agreeable solutions without litigation. Sometimes having that outside viewpoint can make all the difference, or it may spark a new idea that you had not previously considered.

  • Separation agreements: If living separately is necessary, legal agreements can address financial arrangements, child custody, and other concerns. It's important to have an attorney that practices family law and knows the ins and outs of these complex situations.

  • Pre-nuptial agreements: For couples considering marriage, these agreements provide clarity about financial matters in case of future separation or divorce. It might be important to have this lined out if you are ever involved in a divorce.

  • Divorce: When reconciliation isn't possible, a divorce process guided by experienced legal counsel can ensure a fair and respectful dissolution of your marriage. You need an attorney that is experienced in divorce law.

Meason & Morris Law: Here for You, Every Step of the Way

Our experienced attorneys at Meason & Morris Law are committed to offering comprehensive legal guidance with empathy and understanding. We take the time to listen to your concerns, explain your options clearly.

We work to ensure you make informed decisions based on your unique circumstances. Whether you're considering counseling, mediation, separation agreements, or divorce proceedings, we provide legal support tailored to your needs.

Remember, this Valentine's Day is about prioritizing your well-being and making choices that empower you. Whether you seek to strengthen your relationship, explore separation options, or navigate the complexities of divorce, Meason & Morris Law is here to support you with compassion and expertise.

Contact us today for a confidential consultation. We understand that every situation is unique, and we're here to guide you through this challenging time with respect and understanding.

Contact a Divorce & Family Law Attorney at Meason & Morris Law by clicking here.


Meason & Morris Law is a legal firm led by seasoned attorneys Marty Meason and Chris Morris. We provide a professional experience for all our clients, helping them navigate their legal rights. We focus on Criminal Justice Law (felonies and misdemeanors), Divorce and Family Law, Expungement and Felony Law, Probate Law and also have Trial experience. We are currently accepting cases in Washington, Nowata, Osage and Rogers counties.

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